kidzdance programs

pre-school dance


Preschool-aged dancers build on their natural love of movement in ballet, tap, and tumble classes that introduce basic dance steps and terminology.  We nurture and discipline with 


Ages 2 1/2 to 5.



Beginning students ages 5 and up build confidence and a strong foundation as they develop skill in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and acro!  We have different programs per age group.  We focus on LEADERSHIP, CONFIDENCE and KINDNESS!



Teen dancers begin by building a strong technical foundation in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and other popular styles.  The most effective dance training begins with a minimum of 

2 classes per week.  

We focus on LEADERSHIP, developing a GOOD WORK ETHIC and more.



The KidzDance Competition Team is composed of select dancers, who want to take their training to the next level.  They attend and train in specific classes and have rehearsal schedules preparing them for 3 to 5 competitions per season.  

They strive to be 

Good Dancers...GREAT HUMANS!

drop-In classes


We encourage adult dancers and KIDZDANCE alumni to continue  TRAINING  in our drop-in classes in a

 variety of styles.  

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, 

Contemporary, and  Hip Hop!

Come Dance with Us!!

THANK YOU APOPKA...FOR VOTING KIDZDANCE YOUR #1 DANCE STUDIO AGAIN And BEST DANCE STUDIO by  Apopka/Maitland Macaroni Kids. It is an honor to be held in such high regard by the families in our community. 


pre-school dance program

For many, the journey begins here!  

In the Pre-school Dance Program, our little dancers are encouraged to express themselves in a fun and confidence building environment!  Through song and dance, music and movement, dancers learn a myriad of different skills using props while  stretching their imagination, giving each dancer the opportunity to grow!  Gross motor skill development, social skills, and good  behavior are just a few of the aspects that are nurtured in the preschool program!  We encourage performance in every class!

Tiny Totz Classes are for  2 1/2-3yr olds!


Creative Movement, Ballet and Tumble are the basis for which the 

Tiny Totz classes come alive!  Rhythmic Instruments are introduced 

to give each child the chance to hear the beat of the music while playing and having fun! Very basic Ballet technique and tumbling is introduced.  

Pre-K Dance classes are for 3-5 year olds!

Creative Movement, Ballet, Tap and Tumble are the core of the Pre-K dances classes! Through a designated curriculum, we focus on gross motor skill development and basic Ballet technique.  We also introduce the rhythmic basics of tap as well as age appropriate tumbling skills, all in a loving and action packed class room!

Whether  your little one  dances all around the house, or simply wiggles when hearing music, the KidzDance Preschool Program has a place for you!  

"Great place for little girls to feel included and appreciated."

opportunity to grow!

Through song and dance, music and movement, dancers learn a myriad of different skills.  Through dance and use of props, they stretch their imagination, giving each dancer the opportunity to grow!  

beginner program


ages 5-8

5-8 year old dancers  have several choices of dance classes!  

We offer Ballet/Jazz Combo, Acro, Mini's Hip Hop, Mini's Tap,  Lyrical, and Beginner Ballet. Through the Beginner program, dancers have the opportunity to be exposed to the fundamentals of dance.  We encourage Beginner level students to take a class with Ballet included as it is the foundation of all dance! 

We focus on Teamwork, Good Behavior, Kindness, Respect, and more!

Ages 8-11

Dancers in this age group have several options to choose from,

 including, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Acro.  We believe taking more than one class per week strengthens the dancer both mentally and physically.  

The more you move, the more you CAN move!    

During class, we teach Leadership, Respect, and the Importance of Kindness, 

along with other "Good Human" attributes!

"KidzDance isn't just a dance studio, it's our extended family."




We encourage Teens to dance!!  

The teenage years can be challenging!  We strive to give Teens the tools they need most...the ability to believe in themselves, respect others, and develop a good work ethic.  Dance is hard work!  

Teens have several class options...

~Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Lyrical~

 We also offer Acro for aspiring cheerleaders!  


Ballet  is the foundation of all dance!  

Poise, grace, posture, fluidity in movement, complete body alignment and confidence are just a few of the benefits of Ballet training.  Every other form of dance and almost any sport will be greatly enhanced with Ballet  training in the background!


A percussive form of dance, Tap is all about RHYTHM!  

From the development of foot dexterity, to an understanding of musicality, tap offers a fast paced and great workout!  From basic music theory to improv and more, Tap provides a fun and challenging class!


Jazz classes begin with a warm-up whose framework is based in jazz technique, focusing on proper stretching and core strength.  In addition, 

jazz offers across the floor progressions, leaps, turns and more!

It is challenging and always fun!


The great story-telling genre, Lyrical dance is a very expressive form of dance.  

 Lyrical is based in ballet and jazz technique.  A Ballet background is always helpful, but not mandatory.  Oftentimes, once a dancer enrolls in a  

Lyrical class, there is a natural progression 

to add Ballet to their class schedule.

We emphasize Confidence, Kindness, Teamwork and so

much more in our built-in Leadership programs at Kidzdance!

leadership and good humans

We emphasize Confidence , Kindness, Teamwork and so much 

more in our built-in Leadership 

Programs at  KidzDance! 


KCT WILL TAKE Your danceR to the next level

The KidzDance Competition Team is composed of dancers who desire more training and who love to perform!  They attend classes  in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Acro.  KCT members have rehearsal schedules that prepare them for 3 to 5 competitions per season.    

a positive community

This teams also enjoys events created especially for them to enjoy each others company outside the studio as well, to help them bond and work together as a TEAM.  KCT is a positive experience for the students, and also a workable and enjoyable experience for their families.   


Additions to the team are selected during group auditions each Spring. Private auditions can also be arranged for students moving into the area looking for a new dance “home."  Fill out a Get Started Form and we'll reach out to give you more details.

a second home!

"KidzDance is a second home for us, a place where my children have made good friends, mentors, and continued their love for the arts..."



You have every reason to DANCE!  Whether your goals are fitness, friendship, or dancing the workday away, you need only to Drop-in!

Your soul will thank you!

  Enjoy an hour or two a week to be a student again!  Our award winning staff welcomes you with a promise of escape from your day and growth as a dancer.