Ready to dance?

Ready to dance?

Ready to dance?Ready to dance?Ready to dance?

so much more than dance!


We're Central Florida's family-friendly dance studio offering year-round instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, Hip-Hop, Modern, Lyrical and Contemporary classes for all ages. From Pre-K to teens, we have a program that will help your child learn to dance, develop coordination & grace, make new friends, create memories that last a lifetime and are given the opportunity to reach other goals: whether it’s dance, becoming a better athlete, or perhaps, just learning the hottest new steps in Hip Hop...

We look forward to meeting you and assist in helping your children reach their goals, whatever they may be! 

Get Fit


Dance is a great way to build strength, flexibility, coordination, and rhythm all while having fun!  Dance also  increases endurance and promotes a healthy and happy child!

Build Confidence


Build physical and mental muscles. Dancers learn focus, discipline and respect for themselves and others as they work with their instructors.  Teamwork and self discipline are always our focus!

Reach Goals


Learning to set and work towards long-term goals helps dancers develop the discipline and confidence to achieve exceptional success both in and out of the studio.  We teach these principles one step at a time!


So much more than dance...

Dance helps students get to know their bodies. At KidzDance, students develop coordination, balance, and flexibility...and so much more. Students have the CONFIDENCE to hold their heads high having learned to set and reach goals, to work with others as a TEAM, and to practice with DISCIPLINE. We love dance. We teach dance because we want to see each student achieve their personal best both in and out of the studio.  


Not sure where to start?

From programs for pre-schoolers to intermediate and advanced dancers, from ballet and tap to hip-hop or contemporary, we have a program for you. Reach out today by filling out a Get Started Form and we'll contact you to talk about the options, your goals, and where would be a good place for you or your child to start. We can't wait to meet you!


"She is a confident young woman..."

 Our daughter started at Kidzdance, when she was 3 years old, when the school had just opened. She attended the school for 12 years until we left the area. The staff encouraged our daughter and shaped who she is today. She is a confident young woman who believes in herself. The life skills and self-esteem a child develops from dancing is hard to measure. Highly recommend the school.  Patricia

"...Such Great Improvements in their performance and confidence."

 "We have been going to KidzDance for over 8 years now. My two daughters love to dance and have grown so much over the years...We have seen such great improvements in their performance and confidence. The teachers and staff are very caring and provide so much more than just a dance class...Whether you’re looking to compete, dance, make friends, or summer camp, Kidzdance provides it all."